Many of our suppliers utilise our purpose/ Custom made collection bins allowing the safe and clean collection of sheet, blank and strip material on the production line and safe storage while awaiting transport. We manufacture these bins to suit our suppliers safety needs and space constraints, they are provided in sufficient number for a complete rotation between the plant and our warehouse. This service is free of charge in the UK.

We provide an Annual Waste Transfer note against our Waste Carriers Licence number ESS/316054 issued by E A Anglian Region – East (Ipswich).

We are exempt from the requirement to hold a Waste Management Licence under E A Anglian Region reference number AZ1/E/HJB001/0 – AZ1/002315, this ensures that we conform, in particular to our suppliers ISO 14001 audit requirements.

We provide, if required, a written undertaking to our suppliers confirming their secondary material will not be sold within the European Union thereby ensuring that it cannot be used in direct competition in the home markets.

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